Building a House..

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Jul 312020

What’s it take to build a house.. I don’t know.. but follow my journey..

Design.. is the first step.. The inside and the outside.. Below you’ll see one of the first drafts of the interior, with one of the final drafts of the exterior. The interior has come a long way since this initial drawing. In my next post I’ll walk through my design process and how we got to where we are now.

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Corona Virus update July 2020!

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Jul 192020

What can you say for an update? Literally, everything fun to do has been closed for months.. no movies.. no bars.. no music.. no fun.. I find myself washing my car 3-4 times per month now.. I’ve gotten pretty good at it.. 1 weekend I’ll clean and wax, the next weekend I’ll do the interior.. [–READ MORE–]

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Wondering if you worthy..

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Jul 032020

That’s it really.. looking at the world from the outside you think to yourself.. “Am I worthy of what I deserve?” or hell, even what I think I want or need.. those are the things that eat at your insides.. day in and day out.. it’s a curse really.. or a blessing? But I do [–READ MORE–]

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Where I….

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Feb 202019
Where I....

Fourteen years have seen us be partners, but today we celebrate twelve years as husband and wife. My heart still holds onto that thin, thread bare string that connects our hearts together. Hoping that my mind can overcome the faults which drive us this way.

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Changing, Staying in Love

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Feb 072019
Changing, Staying in Love

When you look inside my heart, what do you see there now? is it blackened like the start? or is it shaped like a star. Wanting to lead you home,.Didn’t want to see you go.My feelings have never changed,But it doesn’t mean I’m the same. Perfect is the word you used to describe your pain.You [–READ MORE–]

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