Sep 232016

I’ve taken to blogging some again. And what perfect timing. I completely put my huge foot right into my mouth/ass again today. I said something completely out of line for the second time in less that ten days.I didn’t mean it and I was so pissed at myself I came off as an even bigger ass. I hate hurting others, I don’t mean to. I was physically sick this week knowing how badly I had screwed up earlier and finally today, it was getting better. Now I sit here in the dark, feeling sick to my stomach, and a heavy ache in my heart.

I wish I had never hurt, could hurt or be hurt..

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Sep 232016

You may ask yourself, who would spend the money on a used motherboard, for a cpu five years after the fact? Are you crazy?? And I would counter by saying that in the upgrade cycle you often look for the best bang for the buck.  That means that normally it looks like this.  Ram, video [–READ MORE–]

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Sep 222016
Day #2 Austin Game Conference

Day two has been just as great as day one. Touching on player relations, game design and machine learning in video games. ​ My time here is almost over,but I already can’t wait until next year. Best quote of the day. “Everyone thinks their are a game designer”. See you next year AGC when we [–READ MORE–]

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Sep 222016

Understand, in my heart I see you as the life that flows through it. Rhythm of beat, I hear nothing in my ears but ours thumping together.  My eyes only see you, bright and like a star in the sky. Like the sun warming my face I take in all that is around us.  Our [–READ MORE–]

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Sep 222016

Yesterday,was the first day of the Austin Game Conference here in Austin TX.This is the first year the conference returned to Austin and it’s an exciting time. I had the pleasure of taking in severalof the talks from the first day.  From engaging YouTube streamers and influencers to learning about baking monetization into your game [–READ MORE–]

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