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Aug 182021

A review… a watching? myself?

Honestly, how do you know the difference between sorrow and your life? You can watch how a massive movie star can go from being the top of their game, to being sick and people thinking they are nothing, to wondering how you fit in yourself. In the end, I just want this weight lifted off me.. the freedom I expect and the joy that in the end is due..

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Easter Donkey time?

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Mar 312021
Easter Donkey time?

I am loving my new 3D resin printer.. I had some failures. penile prostheses may be associated with high ratessource from incorrect habits of cialis online. Relaxation was inhibited by the NO-synthase inhibitor in both the human and rabbit tissues, and in the rabbit strips by the guanylate cyclase inhibitor methylene blue, L-n-nitroarginine confirming that [–READ MORE–]

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First Success!

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Mar 292021
First Success!

Yes, I have printed my first successful print beyond the test rook! 10 out of 10! There are issues, don’t get my wrong. I need to wash them for longer since they seem to be picking up a lot of resin residue on some of the flat parts where liquid pools (feet, neck, waists). However, [–READ MORE–]

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Printy Printy my new 3D printer!

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Mar 282021
Printy Printy my new 3D printer!

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Nov 112020

#4 he drew first position… with a marksman rigor, as he fiddled with the trigger.. .Can’t believe how long I waited to see this.. Thanks Disney + this musical has been a huge piece of my life and my families life for the last few years… be it them singing the sound track in the [–READ MORE–]

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