Aug 102000

ok the 5 minute personality test gave this to me.. go figure..

*Your Existing Situation*

Sensitive and understanding but under some strain; needs to unwind in the company of someone close to him

*Your Stress Sources*

Delights in the tasteful, the gracious, and the sensitive, but maintains his attitude of critical appraisal and refuses to be swept off his feet unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely vouched for. Therefore keeps a strict and watchful control on his emotional relationships as he must know exactly where he stands. Demands complete sincerity as a protection against his own tendency to be too trusting.

*Your Restrained Characteristics*

Clings to his belief that his hopes and ideas are realistic, but needs encouragement and reassurance. Applies very exacting standards to his choice of a partner and wants guarantees against loss or disappointment.

Feels trapped in a distressing or uncomfortable situation and seeking some way of gaining relief. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity providing no turmoil or emotional agitation is involved.

*Your Desired Objective*

Defiantly opposes any sort of restriction or opposition. Sticks obstinately to his own point of view in the belief that this proves his independence and self-determination.

*Your Actual Problem*

His natural ability to examine everything with critical discrimination has been distorted into an attitude of harsh disapproval, which opposes and denigrates without regard to the real facts.

OK, WTF does all this mean?? Am I some messed up head job?? or what…oh well.

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. I guess time will tell right?? maybe…


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