Aug 112000

Well it’s almost time for bed.. granted it’s only 11pm but I had a hell of a day in the lab with Maya. My new worst enemy. My little cousin got his page to work right finally

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. =) he’s been at it for god knows how long. He’s even started his own web design firm (ok site). Hopefully he will start getting some jobs and make money and finally do stuff. I’m going over Lisa’s tomorrow to work on her computer. Seems her machine locks up after using the CDrom for a while playing Red book. I’m hoping it’s just a driver issue. Any ways I got all the current drivers and should have her machine running like a porche in no time (gods willing). Maybe I’ll even ask what she’s doing later that day.. I’m still thining coffee would be cool.. maybe a trip to the Boarders book store or something. Oh well.. Time will tell. with my luck she is seeing that steve guy that she works with or some one entirely different. Well night folks.


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