Aug 132000

Well it’s that time aday again!! close to 12.30am Est. Went to Hooters today.. god I love that place. I server of course SUCKED!! normally servers there will talk to you/hang out but this girl didn’t do anything but bring us buckets and buckets of beer. (mom I didn’t drive so it’s ok =) There was a HOT blonde though.. some where around 19-22 years old.. great lookin hair =) It was fun though.. we ended up spending between 5 of us 120 bucks.. but hell it’s Hooters.. where else ya gonna go? =) hehe on a side note I’ve not finished my MAYA 2 midterm that’s due at 8 am.. hmm.. what can I say?? fuck em! that’s it.. Went out with ant and his buddies last night to Chile Peppers after we played 3 hours of “asshole”.. fuckin ROCKED! they now have trip hop outside and trance/house inside. it was packed and we did end up loosing one of us for about an hour.. Ant’ and me ending up waiting by the curb.hehe it was fun.. The bad part is I think capotalizism is taking over the world.. It was 10 bucks to get into CP’s and today at hooters we found out that our FREE parking garage is turning into a god damn dollar an hour whore house garage.. fuckin ppl.. I hope (though this will never happen) that nobody parks there for a week and they loose like 500K in money..

Ok.. now to talk about meaningless crap. i’m in the middle of reading one of my oldest books again (for the 122345 time) Robotech-the Sentinals. I would have loved to see this made into a show like the first books were but it will never happen. I’ll keep myself and everyone updated about what’s going on in the book as I read it =)

If you get super bored and like phat sounds you can check out Groovetech they have some great DJ’s and some great sounds.

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. I’m still trying to get my uncle to send me his old machine so I can turn it into a a music server and broadcast over the net.. If I don’t get that soon I’ll have to break down and do it on this machine.. (something I’m not really hyped to do).

Well it’s off to bed now for me.. =) keep the chill alive and PO!!


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