Aug 142000

Ahh.. how does one find the time to do what must be done while lacking the energy to do it??

I have no idea but I better do luandry soon or it’s stay home from class time.

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. Good news on the horizon.. my DSL has appearently returned to normal.. though.. of course with this NTS dial up crap it’s always telling me i’m not connected to the net when I am.. and of course there’s no way to tell how fast I’m connected at untill I do a speed test or download something. I’m actually getting better speeds now that I was before.. I’ve cracked the 90K limit and I’ve had some peaks at the 109 area.. not bad.. might even be worth keeping this damn thing..

I also found a place that does FREE DSL and some very cheap other kinds of accounts.

not bad.. may call and find out if it’s in my area or not.. oh well.. time to do some cloths washing..


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