Aug 142000

Well I tried.. tried to watch monday night TV.. GOD it sucks.. WB blew ass as well as fox two of my mainstays. UPN didn’t even have a show worth watching. So after a nice cold glass of choco milk I’m back to work on the webpage..

My cloths will be clean in a little over 5 minutes.. I wonder who came up with 45 minutes to dry cloths?? He couldn’t have been all that happy with his life.. You really can’t do anything inside of that time

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. can’t watch a full tv show, can’t go to the store and get (more than a few things) Can’t, can’t, cant wow I’ve been saying that a lot.. Well.. my cloths are just about ready and while I’m enjoying listening to Sting I gotta go get them and fold them before they turn into wrinkled old prune ppl cloths.. PO


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