Aug 182000

How can one phrase *HELP* with out using bad words or calling some one’s mother something you’d not say in most brothels?? Thinking my work load for class would level out and give me a break for a few days I actually thought I might make it to the Bahama’s for a few days.. well life SUCKS!! I’ll still go.. but I”ll be doing work the whole time there!! That’s not what I wanted.. Lets see where to begin.. Post Production class.. (playing out like MTV’s Real World NYC cast) 8 ppl trapped into working with the others artistic output.. one word.. crap..

Maya 2 class.. hmm.. (like watching Battlefield Earth 3 times then once backwards really fast) This class is killing me.. Teacher goes at light speed.. like .5 over.. I found out today that my one saved scene.. which had everything set was deleted off of the student server.. go figure.. back to sqaure 3… step 87. Web Class.. hmm (like sleeping in late and finding out you had class.. ) I’m getting it done but it’s looking like peewee.. skinny and to tall.. but funny..

Portfolio Prep Class.. ( brady bunch.. had 3 kids now I’ve got 6.. but I’m hopeing 8 is enough) As of today.. I must have OVER 16 finished pieces mounted, resume, bizcard, artist statement, budget for final reel, project plan for final reel, VHS labels.. probably world peace and an end to world hunger by next thursday night.. WOOHOO!!

On a bright note.. the folks will be here in a day or two.

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. plus my buddy Erik at D2 asked me if I could do an internship.. My dean said.. no problem.. I say no problem.. Now I just have to make it not a problem.. Lets all pray that I can go to Cali in 2 months.. shall we.. =)

To late for now.. going to sleep.. nite all..


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