Aug 182000

Well tis a sunny warm day out.. Mind you it’s always sunny and warm out. The days bleed into each other much like Never winter nights in alaska.. only.. here at night it drops 3 degrees and ppl call it darkness.. Anyways.. my folks are on their way.. They left 2 hours after they said they left so that means they will be here some time LATE tonight. Father sucks driving.. he likes to take his time and see stuff.. what there is to see off of I-95 or I-75 baffles me.. Anyways.. Preproduction review went well.. We are almost on track.. one of my “group” members.. who will remain nameless.. turned in his final 3d Max file.. well we had only given him ONE scene to do.. a little over 10 seconds of animation.. A sun comes up.. goes down.. a moon comes up goes down.. some rain.. repeat.. all in a park.. He had around 13 weeks to do this 16 if you count break.. Today he gives me his file with a little note.. Marco.. here’s my file.. just add the character to the park bench and it’s done.. DONE!! WTF DONE!! MY ASS!!!..

I wanted to go postal right then.. but he of course was no where around.. he had left the file on the student network for me.. asshole.

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. He’s gonna get bad Karma for this.. very bad karma.. We also have to tweak some 8 scenes by tuesday.. Plus I’ve got to nail the audio down.. which isn’t a problem.. for some reason though.. I’ve become group leader.. by default.. grrrr.. and with all my other work.. I’m loving the pressure.. talk soon


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