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ok… I’ve finally decided where I wanna take this blogger.. =) Not only will I have rants and lies here but I’m also gonna keep the world up to date on my final portfolio piece that I’ve just started working on. It’s called Planet Fall it will be some where around 3-4 minutes in length and be fully CG with perhaps some blue screening in it. I have around 17 weeks to do this project. Right now I’ve nailed down the story and am doing pre-production work on space craft both human and alien and ground craft. This should take about 2 weeks to fully get right

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. After that I’ll start modeling the objects using Lightwave 3D. My goal is to keep polygon count as low as possible but still retain a good sense of detial. I’m making my target between 400-700 poly’s. This should allow for VERY fast render times in large scenes and show off my low poly skillz. As soon as I have around 75% of the models done and 100% of the sketches for them fully rendered I’ll start in on the story boards. This should take around another 2 weeks to nail down. So with in the next 4 weeks I should have some pre-production materials up in the gallery in a new section called “Planet Fall”

Wish me luck and check back alot because hopefully I’ll have more new stuff to show everyone. BTW I’ve got around 80% of the first human fighter finished.. It’s called a Hammer Head. I should have a pic of it soon uploaded with it’s sketches as soon as I do the html for the new sectoin.


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