Aug 292000

Well lets see.. I’m sitting here in class listening to stories of bad “Denny’s” experiences.. Mike just finished telling a story about this girl who would blow him all the time.. gotta love that

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. Now we are talking about crack whores and phili!! I’ve got one more CD from Gale of her work so now we just have one more from her and 4 scenes from the render lab.. SOON this will be done.. soon.. =) I’m trying to build enough energy to get all my work done.. I’ve got around 40 pieces to mount today and tomorrow.. Chad says ranch dressing on pizza is good.. fool.. How anyone could eat dressing on pizza is beyond me.. but for each his own.. We are thinking of going to the IHOP for breakfast.. Imers not here yet so I can’t leave.. and I don’t have Gales CD yet so I’m stuck here..

I wish to god these ppl would stop talking about food.. I’m SO hungry… later


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