Aug 292000

Ok in my quest to write a better blog and at least help get my mind off of all the crap that has happened this week I’ve spent some time looking at other peoples bloggs.. Well.. I’m not far off.. Though my page may lack smarts, imagination and real content.. I feel that once people start to read my blogg they will become hooked by the fact that I complain a lot and pretty much live a real life like them. I’ve totally put off most of my work so far this week. For some reason I just feel the need to sit around and do nothing.. yet I seem busy.. =) Lets see what else… I’ve lost total contact with my buddy Ryan.. He no longer replies to icq.. the bastard.. Ryan if you read this.. get in touch.. I can’t believe you’ve not mailed me yet.. !! I’ve also got my second machine up and running.. though I can’t get the damn Network card to work right.. i may be forced to go out and buy a new one.. =( bloody thing.. I’m very excited about Ani Difranco coming at the end of the month.. plus Kings X is playing in a week or so in town… Both shows should be great.. I just hope I have the cash and time to go to both..

Well for now I’m off to bed.

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. it’s late and I can feel my fingers going numb and my eyelids closing.. I’m reading a new book.. I’ll let you know the title soon.. )I’ve forgotten it and it’s on the other side of the room right now so tuff) It’s a sequel to another book.. This one pits the young against the old in a classic battle over who’s right.. the experienced or the inexperienced.. Time will only tell.. hehe.. nite all.. PO!


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