Aug 312000

Ok.. I’m sitting here totally drained after my Portfolio class.. 31 pieces mounted on matte board. Around 200 dollars worth of work.. Don’t get me wrong it looks PHAT.. The print job that Imer did for me though expensive really paid off.. the Images look like they are photos.. It’s amazing what a million dollar machine will do huh.. =)

Now I’m chillin at the house.. relaxing before I have to get started on my “Reel”. The way my project plan plays out I have till the end of the month to get the storyboards finished.. In reality I have 3 weeks.. which is ok.. I’ve just got to start bustin ass is all.. I’ve also got to whip out a reel to send to L.A. before friday of next week.. I have to get this done.. I so badly wanna intern at Digital Domain I can taste it. I also wanna go back to LA again.. I loved it out there.. Starbucks every morning and hollywood at night..

I also wanna go and hang out with my bro Erik.. if he can help me get in to DD than I’ll be forever in his debt.

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. I’ll even owe him and shit..

Lets see what else.. I’ve also got to start working on the “web site” for Planet Fall So that I at least have something done for Intermediate web design class.. =)

Well.. I’m gonna get back to chillin here.. I’ve earned it today.. 5 hours sleep will earn you a lot.. Chill!


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