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Well is a wonderful Sunday out.. sunny, hot and my new roommate Scott is screaming that he gets watch football today.. a Patriots game.. which myself I can live with.. I’m also headed out today to buy some stuff.

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. I need a new network card and I have to pick up my production teams final last pieces that the render lab has.. Rob want me to go to the beach.. I was thinking.. COOL. .blondies.. ice cold beer.. and the game.. he was like no I wanna go to the beach.. and get some sun..

Myself the beach isn’t really that cool.. It’s hot and dirty and from what I’ve heard the sun isn’t all that good for you.. =) I’d rather sit in the AC and watch the game.. but I’ll probably end up crushing his dreams of both of us going to the beach.. he’ll have to go himself.. now.. I might get up with him later to watch the game and drink some brew.. Well gotta go.. patriots just recovered a fumble.. .. Plus I gotta start some storyboard sketching for Planet Fall.. PO and later


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