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Well.. I talking to my finacial advisor today.. Got some money.. Thank god.. I can now get the upgrades I need.. Ordered Lightwave 6.0 today. and “Inside LW 6” from Also picked up a new network card for my new machine (Lill’P).. works like a charm. I’m picking my old machine (Rocket Jockey)up tomorrow and am thinking about making that the proxy server and running the rest of these bitches thru him including my graphics machine (Maggie)

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. Gods willing I might actually be able to pull this off and make something that kicks ass.. Course now I have to buy a new keyboard for Lill’P which shouldn’t be a problem..

Scott is out in the living room watching motercycle racing.. he’s been in there for the entire day with only a 4 hour break to go to class.. He must really love GP racing.. hehe.. Well It’s late and I need to go to sleep now.. long day ahead tomorrow.. long day.. nite all..


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