Sep 212000

Well I stay up ALL last night to finish my Web page for Intermediate web design and the story boards for my Reel. GOD help me I’m tired and hungry. It’s hot out and I’ve already grown tired of the outdoors.. To boot I got my car back yesterday from the shop.. They tell me it’s the whole AC system that is over heating the car.. Problem is I had another company fix this 11 weeks ago.. So I guess they fucked me.. hmm go figure..

And now if things weren’t bad enough.. the AC doesn’t even work again.. so now THEY fucked me again!! JESUS can’t I catch a break with that damn car!! On teh home front everything is cool.. Bills are paid up, have money in the bank and RIGHT this second am watching a fine girl with big breasts walk in the parking lot.. =) I may go up and see my folks in the next few days.. just so I can have some love from mom before I go postal on this damn garage.. and car.. Well.. Now that I have that other site down for my reel.. I’ll be posting it soon and adding a blogg to it that will cronicle my progress.. Well for now I’m signing off cause class starts soon and well.. I wanna just sit here and chill for a bit.. talk later


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. is it a hooters night??? hmmm maybe..

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