Oct 012000

Well it’s the night before classes start =) SO MUCH FUN!! I have no idea when my classes are though.. I totally forgot to get my schedule during the last week.. I’m done with with my reel that I’m going to send to LA.. just have to add the music and upload it so Erik can download it and put it to tape.. On a side note.. I own the condo next door to me now =) Gotta love real estate.. and buying cheap…and selling high… 26 more days till PS2 launch.. only Sony’s gone and fucked themselves by not having nearly enough to fill demand.. I’m still hoping my EB stock will rocket though… It jumped nearly 7 points when the dreamcast came out and that’s Sega!!!

Well time to get back to work.. I might watch a little football for an hour or so first.. =) Patriot game is on at 4pm.. Gods’ willing they could at least try to win this game.

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. I’d hate to see them go to 0-5.. =(


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