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Well Pyra emailed me today.. said they deleted my post because other ppl had asked the same question and they didn’t want it to “clog” up their board.. hmmm.. I didn’t notice anyone there with the same question I had..3 months with out being listed in the directory.. while others show up with in 5 days.. hmm…. didn’t see anyones post that was like mine.

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. perhaps I’m not seeing it?? And then this person doesn’t give me any extra info.. just that my post has been deleted.. great.. help.. oh well.. I love my blogg.. so I’m not going to say anything… not going to get upset.. not going to hunt down ppl who wear pyra shirts or anything like that… I’m cool.. with it.. I’ll continue to write and let my personal feelings known to the world with out the help of Pyra.. nite.. I’m going to sleep this off now..


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