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. before I go off to sleep for the night.. I’ve wanted to say this now for the last couple of days.. Blogg has a VERY strong girl presense.. I like that..I’ve gotten into “strong” females lately.. I think they have a lot more to say than us guys.. and their pages are well constructed and clean.. something most guys (myself included) can’t seem to do.. “alanaland”… “not a pretty girl” are all great bloggs.. and great pages to boot..

I got the new Eve 6 CD today.. very different but the same.. not as hard driving as their first cd but some awsome lyrics… These guys for being “young” have some great creation… I really like “jetpack” it’s got a good line… “Your the one using me as a muse”… nice.. =) Well.. now I can go to sleep..I’ve said my peace and it’s nearly 2am.. cio


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