Oct 132000

What a messed up day.

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. The old ppl in charge around here think that the person who lives next to me.. and who will soon be a “tenent” of mine was the one making the noise the other night.. I didn’t have the heart to tell the crazy old fools it was me.. Though when we have a meeting later this month I’ll be sure to tell them the 411.. oh well.. I’m still shell shocked over the whole thing.. 4 people on my deck for a total of 25 minutes and some old lady calls the cops.. the cops come.. find nothing wrong and leave.. who’s in the right??? I’ve been extremely well tempered while living here.. keep noise levels to a minimum.. not having parties.. turing down my car stereo before I enter the parking lot (night and day).. I have 4 ppl over for an hour and a half and all freakin hell breaks loose.. damn go figure.. anyways.. I’ll deal with it when it comes to a head.. and I’ll put them in there place over it to.. going to bed now.. TIRED!!


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