Oct 142000

Well it’s saturday.. morning.. mostly.. well ok.. pretty much afternoon.. I’m going to go do laundry in a little bit.. Then think about dinner..I might even go to the movies tonight.. “Drunken Master” is out =) as in the new movie bedazzled.. both of which intrest the smaller of my two minds.

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. Kung Fu and flesh.. =) I’m going to update the webcam pic to in about a minute.. so that my Kat in Canada can see what my roommate looks like.. She’s been bitching for days.. over that…

Again today while watching this afternoons TV choices I came across the fact that there are a lot of “Strong” women shows.. ladies beating the hell out of men.. and saving the day.. granted they are mostly in skin tight tops.. but they have to start somewhere.. plus.. If I’m going to get my ass kicked.. at least look good doing it to me =) later!


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