Oct 162000

Well I’m sitting here in class working on my new idea.. I’ve decided that since the story is an “adaptation” of a book that I would contact the other or publisher and see if I can’t get the copyrights taken care of.

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. For those who know me.. know I’ll make this happen.. hell why not right?? =) I’ve narrowed the search down so far to the publisher Time warner.. I have the contact info and when I get home I’ll start blasting out the emails..

I’ve also been helping poor Juan.. with his Maya character.. gods know he needs it =0) Well not really but it makes him feel better when it works out right.. hehe.. Anyways.. the internet connection here stinks and I think I could run and get info faster right now.. So I’ll probably post today’s happenings when I get home.. Can the class say “D.S.L.”?? hehe I knew you could!!.. PO ppl’s


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