Oct 172000

ok.. I’m thinking about adding a poetry part to the front end.. kind of like a “poem” of the week.. It would be done in Real Audio.. and read by me.. I was thinking to start off with the classics..wordsworth, byron, shakespeare those kinds first.. then move into stuff I find on the web that I like.. Anyways.. I’m gonna try it out this afternoon.. or tomorrow afternoon.

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. while I have the house to myself.. No sense in scaring the roommate into thinking I’m an idiot.. =)

I also wanna bring back my audio zone’s.. more music.. all the time.. I REALLY wanna do a shoutcast.. but I’d have to remodel my room to get that done.. or run about 30 foot of cable out a window =) something I’m not really ready for..

I’m STILL doing the Internet dating thing.. I’ve recieved two (2) replies from ppl.. Both sound really cool.. I just wish they’d get back to me.. I guess the down side to having broadband is that no matter when.. you get your email.. and send it out.. transparently..no hassles with dial up.. or busy signals or missing phone calls.. Any ways.. if you ladies are out there.. reply fast!! =) and check your email a few minutes later.. hehe..Ok.. I’m off to do some REAL homework now.. have to finish a storyboard and work on a script.. back soon.. PO


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