Oct 192000

Well it’s a great day out.. overcast..cool.. and just plain BLAAA.. Though I think the sun “may” come out.. hell it always does.. Anyways.. the days full.. gotta go to the bank and sign papers.. then I gotta go to school and motivate ppl to sign papers.. then tomorrow I gotta sign papers.. and so on and so on..

I also got the TV I wanted.. at a great price to boot.. nothing like saving and scrimping and getting something you want.. makes you feel all warm inside dont’ it.. Well while I wait for ppl to call me.. before I call them.. I’m gonna do some work.. (‘manage that).. I’ll probably post later.. I’m actually going to “reboot” my machine.. It’s been (for some reason) working perfectly now for the last 4 days.. no crashes.. no nothing.. and it’s been connected to the net for those same 4 days with out a problem.. with out anything.

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. though I’m about to work it hard now so a reboot is probably in order.. till later.. PO


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