Oct 262000

Ok.. layed over in Tally… small set back but I’m on track now.. this is how the first 2 days played out..

(Day 1) Got 100 miles.. car breaks down, wait 6 hours for it to get towed.. 4 minutes to fix..Spend the night in Stuart Florida.. (don’t ever go there I promise your not missing anything).

(Day 2) leave at 6am.. get to Tally at Noon. Unpack car, Repack Jeep.. decide.

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. I’m not going to get very far and spend the night. Father’s working so mother and I catch “Get Carter” and some chinese food. We bond.. all is well.. Going to sleep soon will start trip tomorrow at 6am.. and see how far I can get.. I’m hoping for Houston.. but that’s really unrealistic.. it’s like 10 hours.. I can’t even watch TV for 10 hours let alone drive that far.. I might make it to Baton Rouge.. or what ever it’s called.. Update soon..


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