Oct 302000

All right I made it!!! California in 4 days.. with 2 days being 10 hour driving days.. hehe.. can you say sucked ass???

Ok.. lets break it down shall we…

(Day 3) Made it to Lake Charles…. sampled the night life.. was in bed by 10pm hehe.

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. does that mean anything??? hehe thought so..

(Day 4) Made it to Sonora Tx.. what an ass backwards hole in the world.. the highlight… A tornado was seen 12 miles south of the hotel.. hehe.. the other highlight.. Eric and Grace.. my hotel next doors… We sat outside watched it rain and drank beers… twas very fun..

(Day 5) Made it to Tucan Az… It sucked.. great looking town.. but hell.. NO AC..NO BREAKFAST… NO BROADBAND.. what the hell??

(Day 6) Which is really day 4 if you don’t count the first two attempts at leaving.. hehe.. made it to Cali.. spent more time in traffic getting to Burbank then I did driving from the Cali boarder..hehe.. Well.. I’m going to unpack.. and get the room ready..get some sleep.. that kind of thing.. I don’t start at DD till Wensday.. I’ll let you know how it goes..


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