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Well it’s morning time again.

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. and boy do I have a day ahead of me.. I’ve got to TOTALLY take my computer apart and have the MoBo sent to San Jose =( It seems for 2 months back in 98 SuperMicro decided to make bad boards.. I can’t install Win2K or WinNT 4 on my system because of some Resistor… =( Now I’ve got to take it apart send it off and hope it gets back in 2 weeks.. =( Time will tell though…. I’d do it myself .. but GOD those things are small.. I wouldn’t even know what the hell I was doing either.. the tech support who sent me back an email just said.. remove resistor.. nothing about.. if that’s the only thing or not.. =( oh well I have to call them to… I’ll let you know how all that crap goes..


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