Nov 092000

Some how I’m up.. I have to take shanna to the car dealership so that she can have her car worked on.. It seems that “recall” is another term for broken.. =) hopefully when I get back I can go BACK to sleep for a little while… hehe.. Now if only shanna would get up life would be easier.. since we have to be there at like 8am and it’s 6.40 now and traffic is probably going to be a BITCH!!.. Oh well.. I’ll let you guys know how the day goes later..

Can you believe this prez race.. I’ve not seen the updates for today yet but last night it was pretty damn close.. 1500 votes with 13,000 out of country votes to be tallied.. GGGGGOOOOOOO GORE!! I know.. crap like this is not usually my style or what I can to keep up with but it’s pretty cool..

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. Talk later.. PO!!


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