Nov 102000

I had a fun day at work today… I went to the noon meeting.. I learned what DD is bidding on and what we are currently working on..

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. I’d LOVE to tell you all.. but I can’t =) NDA and all that.. and it’s all hush hush. stuff.. but VERY COOL….. maybe in a few months.. hehe.. Anyways.. I worked on modeling Eye’s today… following some tutorials and experimenting.. I’ll probably do the same thing on monday to.. and see if I can’t get involved in a project or two..

Well later tonight we are going out to meet some of the DD guys at an Outback on the west side.. have some drinks.. and relax.. make jokes.. and laugh.. that kind of thing.. Oh well.. I’m off.. I’m gonna get ready since we have to be there in a little while.. nite all



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