Nov 162000

OK, it’s Thursday =) WOOT!! well not really that excited.. but hell.. sounds good don’t it… hehe.. Anyways.. Today’s been kinda boring.. I was supposed to go to Foundation Imaging and get the tour and meet/greet ppl but one of Erik’s projects lasted allnight and most of today.. (he’s not slept since 8am yesterday) It’s nice to see him all stressed out hehe… I had a pop tart for lunch but I’m still a little hungry kinda.. or at least will be in an hour or so. As it’s after 2 i’m going to venture that Erik went with Shanna to lunch and left my ass at home.. which I really don’t care about it’s just he said he would keep me updated..

Anyways.. I found this PHAT mix site.. Mixx Boxx It’s nice.. it had DJ Addverse on it.. she rocks.. Also has some other good Jay’s… Well I was going to work on the demo reel today.. but I will do some MASSIVE work on it over the weekend.. after the Florida State game.. or Before.. which ever gives me more time… =)

My Uncle will be in Long Beach for the next month and a half.. which is cool. We had planned on going to long beach this sunday anyways..imagine that.. hehe.. I’ll be able to see him and check out his boat maybe.. (He’s a merchant marine)

Ok.. well I’ve probably said to much.. =) Hell today hasn’t been the best so why this is one of my longer entries I have no idea… heheh.. anyways.. I’m out of here.. gonna go do SOMETHING.

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. hell I have to go do something.. Talk to you all soon.. =)


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