Nov 172000

Ok, here are some things I hate about LA.. =)

1) Static Discharge!!! Fuckin A!! everytime I get out of my car I get shocked.. every time I walk across a room I get shocked.. every time I scratch my ass I get shocked.. WTF!!!

2) Traffic, WTF is this.. traffic out here is so messed. I’ve seen people blow their heads off and have more traffic sense(tm) People are always cutting each other off, always merging only to merge back.

3) People, Most of the ppl around LA are just plain full of shit.

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. they don’t talk to you if they don’t know you.. don’t smile, don’t look at you, ignore you, shun you.. and just about every other antisocial thing you can think of.. though the ppl who know you are really great.. generally freindly and talk to you..

4) All the things listed above.. times 3.. =)


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