Nov 202000

ok.. It’s been awhile since I posted here.. ok.. not that long.. but it feels like it.. This next little thing is a bit on what my stay out here in Cali has been like for about the last week and a half.. here goes.. =)

I’m just chugging away here in my cubicle, Right now I’m 2nd in charge (kinda) of the new model archive that they are putting in.

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. what this means is I spend my day.. sifting thru countless Hard Drives, countless folders looking for models that were used in movies, commercials or other stuff.. So far I’ve got to play with the “X-jet” and the Statue of Liberty From X-men. Also Ammee from Red Planet (the robot)Plus about 60 different kinds of car.. From the BMW 325 to the Mazda MPV. Later today myself and my buddy are going to a local toy store to get some toys for “Toys for Tot’s”.. It’s the least we can do to help out some kids who aren’t gonna get presents.. plus Digital Domain is going to pay to have about 400 of them see the Grinch.. which should be cool..

Other than that.. nothing much is going on.. I saw (less than 10 feet) Billy Zane (Titanic bad guy) He was working on a movie where another buddy of mine works at.. he gave me the Stage tour and Billy was there doing a scene.. I also meet “The Croc Hunters” wife and little girl plus a 23 foot Python when I went on the NBC tour.. Later this month we are getting VIP tickets to the Jay Leno show.. I’ll tell you what day so you can see me on TV.. cause.. they are gonna HAVE to put me on.. hehe.. Well.. I’m burning up keystrokes here.. Have a nice day..


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