Dec 152000

Ok… This is my last post from Los Angeles.. =) Tomorrow morning I’m headed back across country.. I’m doing a 2 day lay over in Las Vegas (staying at the Luxor) then a stop over in Austin on Thrusday.. and then straight home..

My time out here has been great.. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to maybe some day come back out here and work in the big leagues.. Digital Domain has been really cool. The people are awsome the enviroment is awsome and in general it would be the ideal dream job..

Erik and Shanna have been the best hosts.. letting me stay in thier house for so long and putting up with me.. In my short stay I’ve seen movie stars and other great things.. the trip to the Getty was probably the best thing.. Also this asian place on sunset had great sushi rolls.. the best even.. =)

It will on the other hand be nice to get back to Florida and shift down into a lower, slower gear.. I can’t wait to go to some of the bars I know and hang out with people I know.

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Well that’s it.. I’ll update the page when I get to Tallahassee and have Xmas with the folks..


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