Jan 032001

Day 2 2001… There has been NO discovory of a black monolith on the moon.. =( Oh.. well.. there is always 2010.. =)… I’ve decided to spend a few extra days up here in tally.

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. with the family since i see them so rarely.. It’s been a blast.. I’ll probably leave for home on thursday or friday the latest so that I can have the weekend to recoup and buy food for the house and clean and get ready for another (and last semester).

Well.. It seems that I only get time to write this crap late at night when I’m on the verge of sleep deprevation.. or is that awakeness saturation?? either way I’m tired and I’m giong to bed now.. I’ll catch up on my writing soon.. I’m also thinking of “making over” the webpage.. it’s about that time of year.. hehe.. write soon.. PO


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