Jan 152001

HI everyone.. just another exciting day =) Think I’ll go for a walk or something.. maybe go to the bank.

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. Anyways.. good news.. I’ve finally been able to reach my buddy Ryan.. the ass has been out of touch now for like 5 months.. he’s back now though.. so all is good..

Went out to a movie the other day with Jessica.. Saw the “Emp’s New Groove” it was pretty funny.. David Spade can play the perfect winy person.. The “date” went well I think.. We talked a bit.. I had a good time.. I’ll probably hook up with her on Friday and watch her softball game.. I might call her on wensday or so.. that’s long enough isn’t it?? =) anyways.. I’m out of here.. I’ve just decided to go see “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” maybe I can get my lazy roommate to go with me to.. hehe.. yeah right!! talk later.. PO


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