Jan 292001

Well it’s almost tuesday.. My folks are coming down tomorrow to stay for a week or so.. should be fun.. They are going to clean up the place next door, paint lay tile and generally get it ready.. It’s going to suck having to move next door and all.. but.. what must be done must be done.

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. Hell we may even be able to sell it for a LOT more than what we payed for it.. hehe.. that would be cool.. Plus while they are down here they can look at the house over on Cypress and see if it’s doable.. I wouldn’t mind living in a house for a change.. no being quiet.. no having to turn shit down.. =) BBQ’s!!!! hell fuck yes.. anyways.. I’m off to bed.. but I’m going to watch a little TV first.. before bed time.. then it’s up early and clean a bit and work on the demo.. then it’s off to school.. hehe.. bye for now.. PO!!


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