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I’m up and I’m in class.. yes it’s hard to believe.. We went out to this PHAT Thia resturant that I know of.. it was funny as shit.. we are sitting there chillin drinking our cokes when my buddy runs out of his.. so he askes the lady.. “May I get a refill?” the girl says “NO!” my friend says.. “umm… yes..I would like a nother coke”.

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. wierd.. we laughed for about 15 minutes after that one.. but hell it gets better.. as we are finishing up we we leave our tips.. I leave 3 bucks and my buddy leaves 3 one dollar coins.. we are getting in the car and one of the guys comes out and throws the 3 coins to the ground and leaves in a fuss.. so my buddy gets out of the car and walks out and picks them up.. smiles to the guy inside and we leave… laughing agian for about 20 minutes.. I guess they thought that they were quarters?? or nickels.. It’s not like gold colored thick large coins can be confused as dimes… but oh well.. more money for tonight.. =)

Well I’ll talk later.. I have to pay attention now.. we are going over “Mel” scripting which are the guts of Maya 3.. PO!!


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