Mar 012001

Again another late night.. It’s almost midnight and I’m headed to bed.. Ive got my workstation and my roommates beating out the demo reel.. or at least this newest part.. It’s coming along pretty good to.. looks nice and all.. of course it will be posted on the website as soon as it’s done.

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. I have class in the morning which I’m sure I’ll be ready for.. there’s not that much I have to do.. (I planned it that way you see).. we are making a “graphical” mel script for Maya 3.0.. it will have buttons that open all the commonly used windows.. like the hypergraph and outliner..

Well.. I’m off to bed now.. thanks for reading and checking it out.. wish me luck tomorrow.. on a side note.. the guys are ALMOST finished next door.. another 3-4 hours and they will be done.. then comes the fun part.. them discussing money with my father.. We think that another $700 dollars is ample for the extra work that they did.. minus now some of the things they are not doing and some tools.. which I think is really fair.. after all.. my family doesn’t pick it’s money of trees.. (yet).. well.. night all !! PO


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