Mar 072001

STILL rendering the demo reel.. I’ve had some problems.. I went thru and fixed a damn light that was moving.. had to re-render 4 scenes.. only after did I find out that something else had gone wrong and nothing was being saved in 3 of them.. so I had to go back and re-render those scenes.. I’ve also been having problems with my motherboard again.. and after waiting 3 months to get it back from supermicro (the bastards).. Now all of my hard drives are slow.. I have nasty transfer rates.. like 1 meg a second all the way to 250K per second.. my 4X CD-r can only do 1X.. and I’m starting to get pissed.. I don’t feel like fucking with it right now though.. since I have only ONE week to get my demo reel to tape.. and I still haven’t done my intro yet.. Anyways.. I’m tired..oh.. so tired.. of many things..

I ran an errand for the CA Dept chair.. yes.. I was brown nosin.. so what!!.. I did get the chance to check out the offices of the “panthers” hockey team though.. that was cool… I also found out that there is a HUGE Movico office right down the street.. they were nice to.. Well.. back to work.. gotta keep makin’ stuff.. Also have to redo the Resume..

On a side note.. A guy from the HR department of Digital Domain came the other day.. he had a pretty good video and speech.. he also was kinda nice.

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. he said he recognized me.. hehe.. I also won an X-men VFX Hat.. which at the time.. the whole crowd there boo’d and hissed and yelled out.. “he was an intern” “He shouldn’t get that.. give it back!” it was pretty funny.. afterwords we went to the Denny’s down the street.. MmmMmmMm good.. tata for now.. PO


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