Mar 102001

Well it’s saturday.. I kind of got up late.. was only able to watch Batman Beyond.. =( it was really good though.. We got to see the new “Justice League” which was cool.. I’m in the middle right now of rendering out my intro credits.. It’s gonna be about another 45 minutes before those are done.. so I’m probably gonna go watch some TV and chill for a bit.. It was raining out this morning when I got up.. but now it seems to be sunny.. (go figure).. Tomorrow if I get everything done.. I’m going to school to dump all this to tape.. which would technically mean I’m done.. I’d just have to redo my resume and print out some labels for tuesday.

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. but otherwise.. I could relax and take it easy.. I’ll probalby be working most of the day and well into the night.. be sure to check out the webcam to see me slave away.. hehe =)

Well.. I’m off to watch tv for 45 minutes.. be back soon..


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