Mar 262001

Well I’m off to get the oil changed in the car.. Yes I know.. BIG DEAL, why write about mondane stuff when there is death, romance and atomic weapons in the world?!?!?..

Well.. why not.!! The last 2 days have been boring as all hell, I’ve not really gone out.. yesterday my roommate Scott and I did go out and look at new cars.. which was cool.

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. I might have found the perfect “family truckster mobile” for me =) I’ve also been thinking about new ideas for my demo reel.. things to add.. stuff like that.. also a new web page layout… I was thinking of getting a web address to.. (maybe, thanks to Lil_p for the idea).. Anyways.. I need to get going.. I also have to buy some chicken at the publix.. WOOT!! excitment.. party time isn’t it.. I really need a hobbie don’t I??? hehe… PO!!


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