Apr 022001

Took another 80 or so pictures at Coral Tech today in addition to the 120 I took on Thursday.. Plus I took about 500 megs of photo’s that they have taken of product and installations to boot.. I should have a FUN TIME (read sarcastic here) putting all this together into a decent webpage. They basically like my idea but keep changing what they want in it. Now they want one of “thier” columns as the left and right frame BG’s.. NP I said.. but it’s probably gonna look like crap.. (unless I spend an ungodly amount of time on it) But they will get what they paid for and not (much) more than that!! (puts foot down)

Also Scott if you read this from class tonight.. Grandma called.. your bike and car insurance will expire on the 3rd

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. So you have until then to get it to them.. Seeing as you have only about 30 or so hours left to do that you should get right no it =) I’ll remind you when you get home from class tonight though..

Can’t find my “Inside Lightwave” book.. (damn-it!) I also wanna get Onimusha (sp) for the PS2 so I can at least DO SOMETHING with my hands while I’m bored =)

Well I’m going to move to the workstation now and start working on crap, crap, crap.. I’m also gonna turn the webcam on.. it’s been off now for about a week..

PS. Also downloaded the new FF movie trailer.. gonna watch that first before I really do anything =)


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