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Ok.. I’ve been searching for Mrs. “Right” lately and using Yahoo! Personals. Has it gone well?? Yes and no.. I compare it to fishing, no really I do.. you troll your profile or actively bait by emailing and see what nibbles and see what gets hooked..

I also think it’s mostly luck

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. I’ve only ever had one woman email me after seeing my profile but I’ve had about a dozen return emails, converse for a time and then just.. “poof” I’ve also gone out on dates with 3 out of the maybe dozen that I’ve talked with. Not a bad ratio.. but not good either.

The hardest part is searching thru all the crap on Yahoo. I’d have to say over 90% of the ads are either OTHER single ad agencies posting or outright porn. And Even some of the ones that don’t look like either of these are.. It’s almost a skill =) I find that if you cross check different areas and see the same ppl.. than it’s fake, or if you read the SAME profile from 3 different ppl than it’s fake =)

I’m not giving up on the internet yet though. I’ve totally given up on the bar/club scene and now that I have finished school that resource has dried up =(. And I doubt my “work” will be populated with hotties. hehe.. Well.. I just thought I would write this to releave a little stress.. before I log of the net for a few hours.. I became VERy frustrated at a new PS2 game I just picked up.. hehe.. STRESS!! well PO!


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