Apr 082001

Hard at work.. yep that’s me.. now I’m trying to decide on where I wanna go eat. I like to go eat out on sundays cause well.. I’m normally to tired to make dinner here.. and if I have chicken one more time I’m gonna kill someone =) but I digress.. or repress.. can’t really remember now.. hehe.. I vid-confrenced with my buddy Ryan today

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. Was pretty cool to see him, since I’ve not seen him in about 5 months.. He’s all sick and his mothers in the hospital getting an operation.. I hope they both feel better soon.. =)

Anyways.. I’m headed to the shower and then out.. talk soon.. plus not to mention I’ll be back to work on website crap after dinner well after 9pm.. gotta watch the simpsons and all that don’t I??? hehe


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