Apr 142001

well.. the last thing I wrote.. didn’t actually post… =( I had this great post.. it was epic.. it sum’d up what I was doing this week… and my plan’s for the coming days ahead.. but did it post??? no…. am I mad that I spent like a 1/2 hour on it?? no.

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. =) I just got back from clubbin tonight.. my buddy Rob has a “girl” down from “Cleavland”(sp.. shit is that how’s it’s spelled??? ) anyways.. I went out later and meet some other ppl at the metal factory.. I had the pleasure of seeing SKID ROW!!! hell yes..your thinking.. “youth gone wild” and “18 and life”.. =) they played all those but it wasn’t the original band cept for one of the members… it was still cool though.. the one member who was original kept lookin over at me.. I was chillin.. lookin all cool and stuff.. he would look over.. I’d give him a “sweet” gester.. and well.. the band would ROCK!!! heheh..

anyways.. it was cool.. hehe.. they have an ACDC cover band playing there next weekend.. I might go.. cause I like acdc… =) well..night. =)


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