Apr 242001

Wow, the weekend went by pretty fast.. and monday went just as fast. Imer came over last night and he brought Lucas Art’s Starfighter for the PS2 I played thru almost half of it in about 2 hours. Imer was amazed at the fact that just about everything I aimed at went boom. In the end he lent it to me and I traded MotoGP for the week. Went out to the publix tonight so Scott could go shopping seeing as his car is crapped out and he can only fit one bag of grocceries on his motocycle.. I also read a really cool blog tonight on why do we blog. It was on the front page of Blogger and made a lot of sense

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. I guess that’s why tonights post is so full of links.. Just experimenting and seeing how it looks.

Well it’s late.. hmm it always seems like it’s really late when I post now a days.. I need to start going to sleep a little earlier.. getting up a little sooner maybe.. I’ve set the clock for 8.30 so maybe tomorrow will be a new day.. Peace Out!!


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