Apr 242001

Well I’m leaving for Tally tomorrow morning to pick up my mother. I will be back on Friday night. She is coming down to oversee the last of the improvments to the apt next door. I guess she will be down for at least a week. It will be nice to see her again.. I’ve not seen her since her mother died 3 weeks ago. They asked me not to drive up just yet even though I wanted to.. =( But now I can.. I’ve also got a lot of work to do when I get back but it will be nice to blow it off for 3 days and see some old bud’s and hang out at the old stompin grounds for a few days.. =) Anyways.. if you’ve not heard back from me.. it’s because i’ve been busy and now I’m doing this.. and then when I get back I’ll probably be even worse over my head.. =) Just send me an email if I don’t get back to anyone in 10 days or so.. that should wake me up.. night all.

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. gotta go to bed early so I’sa can getta upa..


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