May 072001

I think my brain hurts.. =)
Sunday went to the air and sea show.. it was HUGE!.. something like 3 million ppl over 2 days.. The best part of the show though was the F-14 Tomcat again

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. It came in along the beach at some where around 560 miles an hour.. just shy of Mach 1. Now picture seeing a jet that’s around 30 feet long.. and about 150 feet off the water just 100 yards from the beach.. It goes by you with out making a sound.. then 1/2 second later.. WOOOOOOMMM the sound hits you as it goes vertical and 20 seconds later is 2.5 miles up and rolling in a loop to go back down the beach.. Now that’s awsome.. =)

Lets see today we put up closet shelves.. kitchen cabinet doors… Hung outside blinds for sliding door… I also went to WPB to pick up my roommate at the airport. His trip went ok.. he had lots of fun and he was asleep by 7.30.. heheh.. Anyways.. I gotta a LOT of crap to do tomorrow.. I just wish I could manage my time better.. you know.. (plus today in NO way add’s up to sunday.. hehe.. ) I think tomorrow we are going to do some finishing work on the condo next door.. I need to start a website.. and later that day we are going to the gun range to teach some targets some respect.. should be fun..


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