May 102001

Well lets see.. what’s going on today.. I started taking some deitery suppliments yesterday to help speed up the motabolism and give me a little more energy during the day.. That’s seems to be working alright.. I’m not wired like I thought I was going to be.. So.. what can we derive from this?? Drugs GOOD!!..

Lets see.. my win2K machine throw up yesterday night.. I thought that I could get some WinNT4 drivers to work.. I was wrong.. boom.. smoke.. poof.. no boot cept for safe mode.. so… I formatted and re-installed.. didn’t take me as long as I thought.. I did lose some things.. like some reports and images and a few mp3’s.. The worst part is going to be re-installing everything.

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. BAH!! I hate that.. I’m also going to have to do this to my Win98 machine soon.. just cause it’s slow, buggy and well.. just… full of nasty.. dirty.. things.. Well I’m off to do some work.. PO!


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