May 132001

Well win2K machine back up and running fine.. cept.. I’ve still not re-installed everything… Father is flying down onthe 17th for a job interview… Watched “Driven”It was ok.. It had a lot and I mean a LOT of shots that were beyond reality.. Like a car flying up into a crash.. cartwheeling.. while it’s in the air… 5-8 cars zip by underneith.. untill it comes into contact with another car sending it “flying” again.. into a pool of water.. It then takes FOREVER for the saftey ppl to show up.. but in that time Sylvester(sp?) has enough time to RUN!! from the pit area and help out.. RIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT… =)

Some of the CG was ok.. but a lot of it didn’t fit the film.. it was lighted all wrong or just looked to bright and plasticy…

Well I’m off to bed now.. it’s getting late.

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. and I have a LOT of work to do tomorrow.. (website crap).. write soon..


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