May 152001

Well what happenend today?? I assembled my new computer desk next door.. It was pretty strainght forward.. it even looks nice =) I’ve been burning CD’s off and on all day for my buddy.. Anyways… I’m going to start moving things over there tomorrow.. just some cloths I don’t wear.. and maybe some closet things.. Plus father will be here on Thursday… (flying in for a day) He’s got a good chance at getting a new job…. with REAL grown up hours.. not crap like 4am to 5pm.. or 4pm to 5am.. which just sucks for a man in his later years (notice I did NOT say OLD.. He’s not that OLD.)*awaits his paycheck in the mail* =)


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. I’m off to bed.. I slept in a bit today.. till around 10am and I wanna hit the ruff sack and get some shut eye so I can do stuff early tomorrow.. I’m also waiting on Steve the owner of the RiverFront to get back to me with the emails I sent him yesterday.. Can’t move on really till I get some feedback.. OH well.. there’s stuff I can be doing.. hehe.. Night all


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